Finally! A Detox
Program That...

Reduces your toxic load and includes real food, practical lifestyle changes, and support from a Functional Medicine Health Coach.

Summer 2022 is going to feel so good!

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Why detox?

COVID has affected our bodies in a big way - whether you’ve had COVID, been vaccinated or still recovering from the stress and emotional impact from the pandemic - your body needs to recover.

The toxic load that’s weighing you down needs to be lifted in order to feel healthy and vibrant.  

If fact, our Whole Life detox reduces your body’s toxic load and helps you lessen your exposure to harmful chemicals you are taking in.

We give you the tools you need to implement a year-round Detox Lifestyle to promote prevention and efficient elimination of toxins from the body.

How do you know you are toxic?

Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You feel sluggish with low energy and feel tired most of the day.
  • You experience persistent headaches, muscle fatigue and aches.
  • Weight loss is stagnant no matter how much you exercise or eat healthy.
  • You have inflamed skin and symptoms of acne, rosacea or eczema.

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?

You’re in the right place!

A safely designed detox program is the best next step
reclaim your health. 

At Blum Center for Health, We've been successfully
running detox programs for over 10 years

In fact, Dr. Susan Blum and our team do the program ourselves twice a year!  

Why? Because your body is exposed to toxins, pesticides, and chemicals no matter  how much you try to limit or avoid them from your everyday life. This is called a toxic load.  It’s critical to clean up your diet and do a detox to boost your body on a regular basis.  

It’s true, a healthy functioning liver will naturally detoxify the body on its own.  But when the body is in a toxic overload, your liver needs help to eliminate the toxins stored in your body.

We do this safely with the assistance of guided healthy eating, supplements, and lifestyle modifications.

This isn’t a fad cleanse, starvation diet or a quick fix to lose weight, our program focuses on reducing your overall toxic load, which contributes to a host of symptoms and is weighing you down from feeling 100% yourself. 

If you’re ready to say yes to feeling your BEST self this summer, our SAFE and health supportive detox program can prepare your body to function at it’s finest.  

The 14-Day Whole Life Detox is for you, if you

  • Want to jumpstart weight loss and break the chains of carb cravings.
  • Want to prevent illness, stay healthy and reduce your body’s toxic load.
  • Want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated with a proven food plan that won’t leave you hungry.
  • Have tried depriving “cleanses” that only have short-term results.
  • Are concerned about the toxic load accumulating in your body from food, plastics, cleaning products and even cosmetics.
  • Want the power of community to help you succeed.

Take a look inside the program

You'll receive:

  • Two (2) Live Online Whole Life Detox Workshops with Health Coach Melissa Rapoport 
  • Whole Life Detox Guidebook
  • Whole Life Detox Food Plan
  • Whole Life Detox Materials — Tips and Tools, How to Choose Clean Cosmetics and How to Clean your Home Non-Toxically
  • Whole Life Detox Supplements — Liver Support Protein Powder, Detox Booster, Fiber Support and Magnesium supplements**
  • Daily Email Guidance 
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • A renewed sense of caring for yourself within the support of a new community.

Are you ready?

Start the journey to health and vitality!

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We'll detox together!

Receive hands on-support from our accomplished Functional Medicine Health Coach!

Melissa will lead two detox workshops on
May 31st and June 7th at 12:30pm EST

LIVE as she leads you through our
14-Day Whole Life Detox Group Coaching Program.


Melissa Rapoport is our lead Health Coach and Lifestyle Change-Maker. What makes Melissa different? She combines her graduate work in Developmental Psychology with her education in health and coaching to create programs that result in lifetime change. She overcame her own health struggles with emotional eating and a toxic pressure-filled lifestyle, and now works with people around the world who want to say “No” to temporary fixes, and say “Yes” to a healthy and happy body, inside and out.

And you’ll meet fellow detoxers in our private Facebook group! You won’t do this along - you have found your tribe that will root for you every step of the way. 

Certified Testimonials

"Your detox package and program makes it much easier to get results. Educating yourself about how food interacts with your body is strong motivation. I am not blindly eating what appeals to me but now am making wise choices about what to eat and feeling healthier. Thanks!"

"I appreciate the great support from Melissa and the Facebook group. I would do this again!

"Felt much better in my body in general. Clearer thinking, less bloatedness, gas, and indigestion."

Frequently Asked Questions

What Supplements Are Included ?

Liver Support with Antioxidants protein powder provides nutritional support for metabolic detoxification, alkalinization & heavy metal metabolism. It is formulated to deliver advanced, specialized nutritional support for Phase I, II, and III detoxification, with enhanced support for cellular protection and excreting heavy metals.

Daily Detox Support complements the Liver Support with Antioxidants protein powder. These capsules boost Phase 1 and Phase 2 detox pathways and provide extra antioxidants to support you, and keep your body, in balance while going through the detox program. This balance is important to prevent side effects like headaches.

Fiber Blend helps bind to toxins and pull them out of the body and into the stool, while also helping you stay regular. Our Fiber Blend is unflavored so it can be added to your smoothie without changing its taste or texture. It is made of mostly soluble fiber, which dissolves easily & does not taste gritty.

Magnesium is our “go-to” treatment for constipation and is used as needed during the detox to make sure toxins are eliminated. Magnesium can also relax your muscles and improve your sleep. We always recommend taking it at bedtime for this reason.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

You pay a one-time fee of $297 for entire program. This includes two live sessions with our Health Coach, all the materials, including a guidebook and recipes, supplements, a private Facebook group and daily email support.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you can use our private Facebook group to ask questions and we are always available via email using the Support button on our website.

Are you ready to feel?

✔ lighter
✔ sharper
✔ calmer
✔ upbeat
✔ healthier